How to Add WhatsApp Chat to Your Website

How to Add WhatsApp Chat to Your Website Without Coding

To add WhatsApp  Chat to your website or blog is lot easy, especially when you use the simple methods described bellow. First, what is WhatsApp Live Chat and Why do you need it? To find out the simple answers, please read on.

What is WhatsApp live chat?

It’s a live chat button or chat box on the website, connected with its owner’s WhatsApp. Users can easily stay in contact with sellers, get instant customer support, book services and many more.

Why You Need WhatsApp Chat?


1. Quick and Simple to contact

Users can easily and immediately get in touch with you and receive answers

2. Add a personal touch

Because WhatsApp is used by many as means of communication between friends and family on a daily basis, by adding it to your website or blog you automatically build a personal relationship with your customers. This make them feel at ease to make their enquiries via chat, Audio call, Video call or voice note which gives them a beautiful experience.

3. Improve customer service quality

WhatsApp chat helps in responding and resolving issues faster, leaving more customers satisfied

4.Raise sales via consulting

It provide useful info about your offers and convince more people to purchase

5. Keep in touch after the visitor leaves

Many use live chat to connect with visitors on their website. But what happen after a visitor leave the website? Very Simple! You won’t be able to contact them again. As a result, you may lose some potential clients due to their impatience. But when a visitor gets in touch via WhatsApp, you have more time to reply them without having to stay on your website for hours and this will eventually give them a better experience.

How to Add WhatsApp Chat on your Website

Let’s talk about three ways to let your customers contact you via WhatsApp chat on your website.

1. Use Widget

The best and the easiest way to add WhatsApp to your website without writing a single code is to add a widget. The truth is that some widgets are not easy to work with. But the good news is that there are others that are very easy to install, easy to use, no coding and are compatible with any platform. For example try this WhatsApp Chat Widget… It’s Free, and you will discover how easy it is to have WhatsApp chat on your website.

Try This Demo

Responsive Multichannel Chat widget for website or blog

In case you are interested in multichannel chat widget, such that your customer can pick their favorite means of communication on your website or blog. Then Use this Multichannel Widget that will allow your customer to choose WhatsApp, or any other channel, such as live chat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Viber etc

Try Multichannel Widget

2. Use Click to chat

This kind of method allow customers to click an URL that will enables them to directly start a chat with another person or business via WhatsApp. In this case you don’t need to save any phone numbers in your phone to do this. With just the link, you are good to go. Customer simply open a chat and start typing. This works for the smartphone app as well as for WhatsApp Web.
This feature will allow you to hyperlink and text or sentence such as ‘Chat Us on WhatsApp’ or “Click To WhatsApp”. You could also type out your phone number, put a WhatsApp icon beside it and hyperlink either your number, the icon or both.

3. Use QR code

Some companies prefer QR codes to start conversation with their customer to displaying a WhatsApp phone number on their website. Because displaying WhatsApp phone number on your website means that customer will have to first look up at your phone number, type it correctly on their phone, save it, and finally navigate to WhatsApp, search out for you and then start chatting. Though that process doesn’t take hours, but the stress can be totally avoided with the use of QR Code. All you have to do is create the code and place it on your website for customers to easily start a chat with you.


Just as mentioned above, the use of widget has proved to be the easiest way to add WhatsApp or other communication channels to your website or blog
No crime in trying

Give it a try Now!