how to reduce carbon footprint

How to reduce carbon footprint as a business with Carbon Easy 2022

Are you thinking of how to reduce your carbon footprint as a business?

Carbon Easy™ is a global initiative helping businesses access best practice carbon offsetting based on United Nations climate credits through a convenient online service that earns businesses social license, elevates their brands and recognition in their communities.

 Carbon Easy is one of the simplest ways for businesses to offset their unavoidable carbon emissions. This helps businesses show the world they are climate smart and be recognised and rewarded by their customers.

If you join Carbon Easy® using our link, we get a commission (at no extra cost to you), that helps support the blog and we sincerely appreciate you for that. Thanks!

How to reduce carbon footprint  as Small or Medium Business

As a small or medium business, it is hard to catch up with everything on your table. Whether it is customers, content creation, and marketing plan or strategy meetings, there’s always something on top of the agenda that makes carbon offsetting a low priority item.

Minimizing carbon emissions should always be a #1 priority, but no matter how many green practices you implement, producing at least some amount of carbon is practically impossible. This is especially true if you run an online or digital business where most of the carbon emissions are hidden, so it’s easy to overlook at them.

What can you do as Individual or as Business?

  • Measure your carbon footprint as individual or as business, using  carbon footprint calculator. This is important because, what you measure, you manage.
  • Consider your activities and adjust where possible so as to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • After you might have done your best, then let  Carbon Easy  help you offset the unavoidable carbon emissions.

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Why should businesses get involved with carbon offsetting?

Currently only 48 countries are actively involved with carbon reduction initiatives through Emissions Trading or Carbon Tax Schemes. This despite the fact that 196 countries are currently signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement (2021 to 2030).  188 Countries have gone further by ratifying this Agreement. Unfortunately we are running out of time as we can’t wait for countries to scale up to the challenge. Currently only 47% of the world’s population live in countries who actively work on reducing carbon emissions.

Excess carbon emissions are currently at the highest level it has been in mankind’s history. We are losing the battle and slowly progressing towards the point of no return when Earth is no longer sustainable.

Moreover, Not all countries are also equally committed to the reduction of carbon emissions, nor are they engaged in transitioning their reliance on fossil fuel to renewable energy. Governments and large emitters therefore need help in dealing with carbon emissions and reversing the impacts of climate change.

The everyday person, through the organisations they support, are in a unique position to make a difference through ‘Consumer power’ and increased community awareness. They have the power, and are ready to use it, by supporting organisations that endorse and also want to benefit from Paying.Green®(Carbon easy)

Organisations become valued community participants and enablers of positive action by getting involved with carbon offsetting.

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Why should your business offset its carbon footprint?

  • Future! You don’t want to live (or your loved ones) in a polluted world!
  • 90% of customers strongly support climate conscious businesses.
  • Attract and retain employees. 70% rates an environmentally sustainable workplace as a key factor.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Positive climate action elevates trust and brand relevance.
  • Climate smart businesses earn loyalty and admiration and grow their social license.
  • Climate smart businesses are returning higher profits.

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Why is Carbon Easy different?

  • Maximum Environmental Benefit. All subscriptions are pooled and we smartly apply the funds to maximise the number of quality carbon offsets we can acquire. Using our associated not-for-profit charities makes us far more efficient than the commercial carbon offsetting market.
  • No lock-in contract. Pay conveniently online with your business’ preferred credit card. Your membership subscription can be cancelled at any time at no cost.
  • Your business is issued with a Carbon Offsetting Certificate stating how many metric tons of carbon emissions were offset by our community with the help of your subscription.
  • All carbon credits we buy are immediately retired and converted to carbon offsets, meaning they can never be traded again or speculated with.
  • Our carbon offsetting model is overseen by an experienced Board of independent Directors at our associated no-for-profit charity, in accordance with our publicly available carbon offsetting policy.

How to join Carbon Easy?

  • Go to Carbon Easy’s website.
  • Select your business type
  • Select the range of people in your business.
  • That’s it! Pay a monthly subscription that will get pooled to maximize benefits. You can also reach out to them for other subscription options.

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