Black Spots on the face

5 Foods that Remove Dark Spots Fast

Dark spots, scars and acne disfigure the body especially when found on the face. Though they might appear unthreatening, but can be the worst thing to deal with sometimes. The good news is that there are some foods that help clear these spots naturally without having to spend money. Here are some of such foods that can serve as home remedies to help Remove Black Spots on the face in just a couple of weeks.

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5 Foods that Remove Black Spots On The Face

1. Potatoes

Not everyone knows that potatoes remove dark spots. And those that know may not even know how to apply it. One way to use potatoes to clear dark spots is by slicing it and placing it right on top of the spots. Very simple!  Just leave it on the spot for a few minutes then wash your face with warm water. Another way to use potatoes to remove black spots is to combine it with honey and use as facemask.

How to Do It

Get a potato tuber and 1 teaspoon of honey

Grate the potato and mix it with the honey

Gently apply it to the areas of the dark spots and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Rinse the area with water

Repeat the process daily to get the desired result

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2.Lemon Juice

We all know that lemons have a number of benefits. One of such benefit is that, it can be used to get rid of black spots. The vitamin C and the citric acid present in lemons make it a perfect bleaching agent which can help in clearing dark spots. This is the most trusted and age-old practice which has shown unfailing results. Lemon juice can solve all your worries in two weeks.

How to Do It

Get Lemons and extract the juice

Soak a cotton wool or cotton bud in the juice and rub it on the dark spot for a few minutes

Lemons can also be combined with a teaspoon of yogurt to balance the skin tone. The bleaching property of lemon and the cleaning property of yogurt make a great combination to lighten the dark spots and bring a glow to the face.

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3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that has many beneficial properties and is one of the best and natural plant to improve the quality of the skin. Aloe Vera plant possesses anti-aging and skin-nourishing properties. It helps in removing dark spots and also reduces discoloration on the skin. Though this cold gel may make you feel awkward, but the result you will get in couple of weeks may surprise you

How to Do It

Get Aloe Vera juice or gel

Gently massage the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area with your fingertips.

Repeat the process up to two times a day and you’ll start seeing progress in a few weeks.

Endure it, if it becomes messy. Otherwise, use a clean cloth soaked in warm water to remove the mask

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Papaya has enzymes and mineral elements that serve as the natural ingredients in removing dark spots and balancing of skin tones. One simple way to use Papaya as dark spot removal is to apply a paste of ripe papaya on your skin and leave it to dry. Rinse with clean water after 20 minutes. Repeating this method every day for a week will not only remove the dark spots but also bring a glow to your face.

Another way to use papaya as home remedy for spots removal is to combine it with lime juice.

How to Do It

Get 1 green papaya and 1 teaspoon of lime juice

Grate a green papaya and add 1 tablespoon of lime juice.

Ensure that you mixed thoroughly then apply to the skin.

Allow it on the skin for at least 15 minutes then rinse with water.

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5.Turmeric powder

For ages, many have used turmeric for their complete well-being as it has many healing properties, ranging from reducing inflammation to curing digestive problems. Also, it has been discovered that Turmeric powder is absolutely an amazing resource to clearing dark spots. However, unlike the other remedies discussed above, turmeric has to be combined with other resources for fast result in about two weeks if used daily.

How to Do It

Get 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 2 teaspoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix these three ingredients together thoroughly until it forms a paste that is neither too thick nor too watery

Apply to the spots and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse very well with water.

Do this routine daily for two weeks and you will see a big difference in no time.