Is Eating 4 Times a day Bad for Your Health?

Some around the world attribute gaining weight to eating many times a day. But is that really the case? Is eating many times a day bad for your health?
First, you need to know that food is a source of energy for the body and that you need the energy for your daily activities. However, just as bad fuel can damage your engine and good fuel enhance the performance of your engine so also unhealthy food can result in bad health and vice-versa.
To be frank, some people eat a lot, even more than 4 times a day, yet, they enjoy good health without becoming overweight.  In fact, I have a neighbor who eats more than 4 times per day and sometimes she wakes up at night to eat. Surprisingly, though, she maintains her normal 50-55kg.
What is the secret to eating 4 times or more a day and still remain healthy? Please read on to learn 4 secrets
However, In terms of good health and gaining weight, I have observed that, the numbers of times one eat per day doesn’t really matter as much. But what really matters are:

  1. The Kind of Food you eat
  2. The Quantity of Food Consumed
  3. Your Body Metabolism
  4. Daily Activities

Secrets to Eating 4 Times or More a Day and Still Remain Healthy



Secret 1: Eat Healthy

You are what you eat! Those who eat healthy foods normally stay healthy and fit. Vegetables, fruits, food reach in fiber and enough water etc. This kinds of food can be consumed many times a day without you gaining weight but rather improve your overall health condition.

Secret 2: Don’t Over Eat

You may eat 4 times per day, but don’t over eat. Overeating and heavy drinking is not good for the body so eat little each time. You may consider drinking water before eating so that you won’t be tempted to eat too much.

Secret 3: Increase Activities

After a careful study, I observed that those who eat 4 times or more per day and still maintain good health, without gaining weight are all active people. Some of them who are my neighbors, are those that walk to their place of work; local farmers that use cutlass and other farm tools on a daily basis; those that workout regularly. Meanwhile the woman I mentioned earlier hawks in the street nearly every day.
I want to believe you got the point.

Secret 4: Change Lifestyle

People who eat 4 times a day, and still remain healthy don’t do the following:

  • Spend hours watching TV
  • Spend hours playing video games
  • Sleep too much
  • Stay Idle
  • Eat junks
  • Drink more cold beverages etc.

Rather, they maintain discipline lifestyle